Porn is so normalised in society now, we’re rarely warned that spending hours engaged in digital sexual activity can negatively impact our real-life sexual experiences, our wellbeing and our relationships. For many, porn use can become addictive and life-controlling.

If that describes you, you’re in the right place.

As a church we long for people to live in freedom. We long to see life change for good and we believe that it is possible.

That’s why we’re cooperating with Naked Truth Ministries to offer “Click to Kick,” an online course developed by experts and led by a trained facilitator – shame-free and confidential. As you journey through recovery in a small, safe support group alongside others from Mosaik, you’ll find the practical tools and support that you need to discover a life of integrity and wholeness, free from porn.

Click to Kick is designed to help you discover freedom online


This time around we can only offer a group for men at Mosaik. We hope to be able to offer a course for women in the course of the year. Those who don’t want to wait for this, can of course also take a course directly with C2K.

Otherwise the course is right for you if you believe that your porn consumption is a problem and you have difficulty stopping on your own. In this case, the groups want to provide an impuls for change by offering you practical tools and support. Click to Kick groups are not an alternative to professional therapy or participation in a 12-step program. They may not be suitable for people who already have a history of addictive behavior or are struggling with other mental health issues, BUT C2K is an effective tool to help you live a life of freedom.

C2K blends the latest scientific research, psychotherapy tools and practice alongside (optional) Christian devotions and prayer to maximise the potential in you to live in freedom.

Content includes:

  • Understanding your compulsive behaviour/addiction
  • Developing healthy sexuality
  • Recognising and personalising the cycle of addiction
  • Relapse prevention and developing a healthy lifestyle

The group is led by David who is part of Mosaik and is a trained C2K facilitator. He will build a shame-free, non-judgmental and confidential environment that will help you get the most out of the course. Depending on the number of registrations another C2K facilitator may also lead a group. Many of the C2K facilitators were once addicted to pornography themselves, some have even even completed the C2K course themselves.

We are aiming for people from Mosaik to be in a group together. This may sound intimidating at first but it is powerful to realise that you are not alone and there are others in church wanting to break free and form a community that is for each other, keeps each other accountable and encourages one another. Not just during the formal group sessions, but throughout your journey of recovery.

Using encrypted conferencing software (Zoom), a Click to Kick group will log on weekly for 8 facilitated meetings. Each session will last about one hour. As part of a group, you will work with a small group of others going through the tried and tested recovery programme based on both psycho-education and shared experience.

After clicking the START button you will be referred to C2Ks website.

Initially, you will be asked to complete a short and confidential form, this will be reviewed by a Click to Kick coordinator to ensure that you receive the best help for your individual situation and circumstances. You choose if you want to do the English or German assessment. The coordinator will then contact you directly with some more information and details of the next steps. In some cases, after C2K have evaluated your answers, you may be asked further questions. If so, you will be contacted to arrange a confidential call with one of C2K professionals. They will assess if Click to Kick is the most suitable option for you and, if not, will advise you on further options. We will try and find someone to translate into German if needed.

8 evenings – Mondays, 6.30 pm

There are no costs for you involved If the course is helping you, feel free to give a donation to C2K but this is in no way an obligation.

The groups are currently for 18+

All information gathered is held in the strictest confidence and your personal details are password protected and only accessible to the coordinator and the recovery team. If you join a group, the only people who will know your identity will be the other members of your online group, including your facilitator. Each group member is required to sign a confidentiality agreement to protect the anonymity of the other members and ensure that the group is a safe space for all. Mosaik’s Church leadership will not be informed about the names of the participants.

Naked Truth is a project with a Christian ethos (read more here), however, the core materials are appropriate for anyone, with or without a faith.