Gift Day Dezember 13, 2020

2020 is the year of restrictions. We had to reduce our contacts, activities and freedom of movement and some of us had to accept professional, financial or even health losses. When a lot is taken from you, it is hard to be grateful. For this very reason we want to have a donation day at the end of the year. Everyone is invited to think about what they can be thankful for in spite of everything.

The apostle Paul once wrote in one of his letters: "You will be enriched in every way to be generous in every way, which through us will produce thanksgiving to God." (2 Corinthians 9:11). Paul knew: "He who knows that he is richly endowed is happy to be generous."

We want to give with a grateful and joyful heart. This time we support two projects: The children's project Arche here in Berlin and the Divine Destiny Church in Rwanda. With both organizations we feel connected through personal contacts. We want to support them and encourage and bless them with our donation and our prayers.

The children's project Arche was founded 25 years ago by Pastor Bernd Siggelkow in Berlin-Hellersdorf. By today, there are six different locations in the city and others all over Germany. The Arche wants to encourage and support children from disadvantaged backgrounds through recreational activities, homework help, warm food and attention. The Corona crisis has once again significantly exacerbated the problem of "child poverty" in Berlin. We are thankful that the Arche exists and that so many children and families are given new perspectives there!

The Divine Destiny Church is a church in Rwanda's capital Kigali. In the country that was ruined by the genocide of 1994, there are many developments today that give hope. But there is still great need, such as AIDS, poverty or lack of educational opportunities. Divine Destiny Church is a place where people experience reconciliation, find hope and receive practical help. In recent years, various daughter churches and diaconal projects have been started. Now the corona crisis in Rwanda has triggered an economic crisis. Unfortunately, there is no state aid like here. Many members of the congregation have lost their jobs, which means that the congregation itself is also financially stricken. A difficult situation in which we want to help! br>>br> Let us as a community live generosity! No one is obliged, but everyone is welcome to join this fundraising campaign. You can find our account details here. Please enter "donation day" as subject.