Mosaik in times of Corona: UPDATES

What happens next? (Status: April 2021)

The third Corona wave has our city firmly in its grip. Staying connected as a community is definitely harder than it used to be. The same is true for teams, study groups, school classes, friendship circles, or even families. We all notice that we are moving further and further away from one another and how we are becoming more and more lonely in the process. It’s time to counteract this trend! We want to launch a new format for our online services, one that is more interactive, relational, and community-driven. 

From 9 May, our church services will no longer take place on Facebook Live but on Zoom!
There will only be one service every Sunday at 11am – some elements will be bilingual, others will run parallel in German or English in breakout rooms. Let’s try out something new again. We are confident that it will enhance our fellowship!
Zoom ID: 467 467 0467 – whether you are new to Mosaik or have been a part of the church for years – everyone is welcome!
And if you can’t be there live, you can still listen to the sermons on YouTube or Spotify later.

As soon as the third Covid wave has died down, we plan to start gathering again in-person! Let’s pray that this will be possible very soon. The anticipation is certainly building!

What happens next? (Status: November 2020)

Winter is around the corner and as many have predicted the number of Covid-19 infections in our city are on the rise.

Even though church services are still allowed to take place, we want to be considerate as Mosaik and therefore will pause our in-person services until further notice. We’re doing this with a heavy heart but out of love for our community and our city!

The leadership team will continue to watch the developments closely and is being advised by good health experts. We hope that we will soon be able to start our services again with a revised safety plan.

Thank you for your understanding. Let’s continue to pray for this situation.
We hope you can join us for church online next Sunday.

What happens next? (Status: August 2020)

It’s not long now and we’ll start again with the church services in the Forum Factory. We can hardly wait to see you again and celebrate our God together! As already mentioned, we approach the whole thing like a soft launch, i.e. we rebuild everything bit by bit. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

When do we start?
On Sunday, August 30th, we’ll be celebrating a service at 11am in the Forum Factory. This service will be held in German.
We plan to offer a second service in English in September, Sundays at 5 pm.
(The large distance between the two times has mainly to do with the ventilation situation in the Forum Factory).

Is there even room for everyone?
Unfortunately no. Due to the distance regulations we can only provide a limited number of chairs. Therefore every participant has to register via a (free) ticket system. Tickets are available on Wednesdays for the following Sunday via our homepage.

Can I invite my friends?
Absolutely! One of the main reasons why we want to start again is that people in our environment who are curious or have questions about faith can find a place here again where they can meet God and experience church.

What protective measures will apply?
We keep to the usual rules of distance and avoid physical contact with others (i.e. no hugs, no laying on of hands, etc…). The services are limited to a maximum of 60 minutes. Afterwards we can have fellowship outside in front of the building. We wear a mouth-and-nose protection from the moment we enter the building to our seats. The mask may be taken off on the seat. If you want to sing along, you have to put your mask back on. Further information can be found in our protection concept.

Is there a children’s service?
At the beginning of the re-start there will not be a children’s service yet. However, we are working on finding solutions, so that the children will soon have their own program again. Until then they are of course welcome to join the adults. And online there is a digital children’s program.

And what about those who cannot come?
The online living room service will definitely continue. We hope that we will soon be able to transmit the services from the forum via livestream directly to your home. We would also like to encourage you to watch the services together with friends or the small group – Mosaik at home!

Where can I help?
Mosaik is an interactive church and the re-start is quite an effort. We are thankful for everyone who wants to help out. For further information please contact us directly.

Friends, the next phase will be very exciting. We want to practice flexibility, cooperation, consideration and willingness to experiment. We are very much looking forward to what God has prepared for us.

Team Mosaik

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