How it all began

In the 1970s, Pastor Terry Virgo began travelling to various churches and house groups in the south of England to seek the presence of God together. These visits quickly developed into organised gatherings, Bible weeks, and conferences, as well as a cassette service with talks and music. The Newfrontiers movement was born!

Terry Virgo, Founder of Newfrontiers

In the following decades, its influence and reach expanded beyond the UK to other countries. New churches were planted and missionaries were sent out into the world. In 2009, a group of people also started to gather in Berlin, people who sensed that God was up to something special in the city.

Sue & Neville Jones

Around the same time, God gave a new vision for church planting in large cities to Emmanuel Church in Brighton. As a result, Neville and Sue Jones came from Brighton to Germany and joined together with the Berlin group. In 2014, Mosaik was launched, a young, dynamic church in the center of the capital.

Sue & Neville Jones

In the following years, the church plant became a community of people who seek to encounter and follow Jesus in an authentic and uncomplicated way. Since 2020, Mosaik is led by David and Jenny Schnitter.

David & Jenny Schnitter

We are a church in and for Berlin, where people can grow, heal, and flourish together. We are also part of an international family of churches – our mother church is in Brighton and our sister churches are in Amsterdam, Bath, Belfast, Krakow, London and Ottawa.