Young Adults Retreat

A weekend with the young adults at Mosaik? Time of worship and encouragement for one another?

Yes, the Mosaik Young Adults Retreat (formerly Student Retreat) is what you are looking for. From May 12-14 we will leave Berlin and spend time together in Zagelsdorf.


The Mosaik Young Adult Retreat invites all young adults of Mosaik under 30.

The retreat will take place at the Christian mission organization Josua in Zagelsdorf.

No worries! There will be more information on how we’re going to travel.

We charge a participation fee of 30 EUR per participant.

The participation fee includes accommodation and food.

If anything is still unclear, direct your question to Abel (

This is how you register

  1. Scroll down to the registration or click on the arrow below to get “To The Registration”.
  2. Enter your email to receive the registration form. This will be sent to you directly by email
  3. After your registration you will receive further instructions on the registration fee.
  4. As soon as you have transferred this amount, you will receive a confirmation of registration.
  5. Be excited about your time at the Young Adults Retreat!