Mosaikkirche Berlin

Neville Jones


It’s all about people and not buildings

A personal vision


I want Mosaik Berlin to be a church where people can feel that they belong to a community. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been a follower of Jesus for years or whether you’re still considering the claims of Jesus. Personally, I’m on a journey that’s discovering more about Jesus every day even though I’m a Pastor and would say I’ve been a ‘Christian’ for a long time! I want all of us to feel we’re on that same journey.

I want Mosaik Berlin to be a church where people are growing in their love for God and for each other and for all who live in this great city of Berlin. I want Mosaik Berlin to be a community of people who feel a personal responsibility to grow in their own individual faith and also to be able to encourage and challenge others to grow and develop their character and faith. I love the Church that’s described in the bible. I love the fact that it’s all about people and not buildings.

Neville and Sue Jones


I love it that Jesus, through His gospel and what he accomplished at the cross, brings complete unity to people from totally different social backgrounds and countries. You’d be welcome to visit us anytime – Sundays 11.30AM.