Mosaikkirche Berlin



We want to introduce people to the person of Jesus Christ and help them build a personal, ongoing and eternal relationship with him.


We dream about a church that ...

Is full of people whose lives are changed continuously through authoritative, dynamic and relevant preaching based on the bible.
Has enough strength and size to enable it to have a positive influence on society in this great city of Berlin.
Is filled with people who are experiencing fullness of life in God, by being spiritually, physically and emotionally healed.

Is filled with people who have found a way to contribute, but from a heart that wants to serve and support others..
Is filled with people who encounter God in worship – both in celebration and in quietness
Is full of people who use all the creative talents that God has given to them to bring worship to him and to make known his message to the city of Berlin and to the world.

Is filled with people who are willing to give everything in order to spread the kingdom of God throughout the whole earth

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